What should I create?

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When we’re starting out with content creation for the world in which we operate we have to ask ourselves what it is that we want, or need, to create.

There are almost limitless options, from podcasts to vlogs to plain-text blogs, all of which are viable answers to the question.

The true answer, though, comes down to three elements:

1) Who do you want to talk to?
2) What do they consume?
3) What are you able to create right now?

While the first two are the key things to know, the third is the most important.

It’s not always about going out hardest in the most direct manner; if we don’t have the resources to create video (for example), the danger is that we don’t create anything, which is both counter-productive and, frankly, silly.

We all consume on multiples channels every day, so question (2) is more a question of the most powerful way to reach them; if you can’t create content for that platform yet, find out where else they are until you find something you can create today.

There is never a reason not to create, only excuses. (Tweet this)

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