What makes content compelling?

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To succeed with your content online there is one – and only one – rule to which you must stick: it must be compelling.

Compelling doesn’t have to mean turn-the-page exciting. It doesn’t always mean it’s about life-changing, mind-altering subjects. Compelling simply means it must compel readers to keep going.

You know (or you should know) who your audience for your content is and this knowledge is half your battle won already. If you know who you’re writing for, you know how to speak to them. If you don’t know who you’re writing for, how can you hope to make it compelling for them?

A group of astrophysicists will find one thing compelling, a group of business women something else entirely. Teens are compelled by one type of content, silver surfers another.

There is no magic formula to compelling content, you just have to know who you’re talking to, how they like to consume and the best way to serve your content for that method of consumption.

If you’re audience are vegan juicers, don’t serve them a full English breakfast: give them a fresh, great-tasting smoothie

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