The distraction chair (and other creative spaces)

Posted in Creativity

A couple of weeks ago I found this piece on 99u. In it, Herbert Lui shares Jack Gheng’s concept of having a dedicated chair that he uses for distractions (checking email, social networks etc) that sits away from his desk where he does most of his work.

This is a great concept, but it’s not about having a distraction space, it’s about having appropriate-response spaces.

To make the most of the effects of a distraction space, it’s just as important to have a writing space, an editing space, a chillout space and/or a space for just about everything you can segment your life into.

As creators, we know how fickle our muse can be. Anything that helps kick our mind into the right frame for the right job can only be a benefit to making the best art we can when we absolutely have to get it done.

Of course, not all of us have the luxury of several different spaces in which to create, break out or disconnect, but it’s worth trying to change things up to see if we can find flow sitting in a certain place.

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