The ROI of Storytelling

Posted in Content, Creativity

Unless your novel is sitting high up the Amazon/New York Times/Times of London bestseller lists, it’s pretty hard to define success for telling stories.

But stories aren’t measured in how much money we bring in, nor should they be measured on how many video views or podcast downloads we get. Storytelling is about more than pure statistics. It’s about impact, affinity and awareness.

Take Casey Neistat. He’s made two major commercial campaigns for massive brands now, all on his own little YouTube channel. In the first, for Nike, he apparently just skipped the country with the budget to see how far he could get. The second, for Mercedes, is about him learning how to make a commercial for their new car.

Neither of these campaigns features the traditional “hard sell” of glossy, desire-driven advertising, but they do create a huge affinity with the brands they represent because of the way the stories are told.

If we (and companies and brands) are willing to invest in telling great stories, the money you put in will come back. Guaranteed.

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