Finding your space

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Earlier this week I shared some thoughts about creative spaces (and uncreative spaces).

This morning, this article on creative spaces popped into my Twitter feed courtesy of my friend Leilani (also a writer and filmmaker). As I scrolled through the images on my phone I came to a sudden realisation about working spaces: they are as unique as the creator who populates them.

Scanning from pic to pic there were some I saw and thought, “I’d love to work in a space like that,” and others that filled me with anxious dread, “How could I ever create something in that space?!”

Ultimately we all need to find our own space to create our own work. As inspiring as I find it to read about other writers’ creative processes, the only process that will work for me is my own. As much as I love to see pictures of other writers’ creative spaces, I have only my own space to find my creativity in – and that’s as it should be.

If you’re inspired by reading others’ habits, if your creative juices flow at the sight of another writer’s creative spaces by all means use them to push you onwards, but remember it’s you, your process and your space that will enable your best work.

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