Simple as…

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I was reading a piece online recently that promised 5 tips on how to kickstart your social media success for small businesses.

Tip 1: “Sign up to networks and get a following.”

I stopped reading after that. Anyone who thinks “sign up and get a following” is useful advice to people who don’t know or understand how to implement social media in their busness doesn’t understand the market they are talking to.

One of the biggest challenges of any social media success is getting even the tiniest of followings in the beginning, which is why any 5-point plan for starting out should consist entirely of 5 ideas and tips that will start to gather your following.

All the advanced techniqued, clever (not spammy) tricks and monitoring solutions can come later.

First of all, you have to know how to reach out to the people you want to talk to and get them talking back to you.

It’s people like this who give the really knowledgeable and helpful social media professionals a bad name.

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