Content comes to those who see

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Part of my role at World Vision is about creating content; feeding our hungry social channels with things that our audience wants to see/read/hear at regular enough intervals to keep them engaged and returning.

The biggest headache for me is when our content calendar falls apart, just as it did a couple of weeks ago. We had 5 pieces of content scheduled to be posted between Monday and Friday and, of those, we received 2 in time to put them up.

Midweek, when we were supposed to be sharing a video that hadn’t met its deadline, I was left with an empty Facebook wall and a gaping hole in my schedule.

I took a walk around the office and down to the vending machine to grab a cold, carbonated caffeine fix and on my way back I passed boxes and boxes of goodie bags that had just been put together for two events at the weekend.

I stopped, took out my phone, snapped a picture of the bags in their crates and put up a post asking who was coming to the events and teasing them with the outside of the bags. The audience loved it; it got some real engagement and excitement building.

Here’s the point: there is never nothing.

Content creation sometimes just relies on keeping your eyes an ears open and being able to see an opportunity. Never despair, just take a break and look around and, chances are, you’ll find your own goodie bag.

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