RIP Robert West

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Today has been a tough day. I’ve been stressed out, too much on my plate, troubles at work and worries at home – everything seemed to be getting on top of me and bringing me down.

Then I found out a man I never met died and it brought me right down to earth, making me realise how truly lucky I am to have everything I do, including my life.

Last year, as I was striving to break out into the freelance world and putting myself out there to help fellow filmmakers connect with their audiences, I was recommended to try a course run in Washington DC by called Reel Change.

It looked great, but with airfare, lodging and sustenance, I couldn’t afford it. I spoke to Robert West for a grand total of 20 minutes about where I was coming from, what I wanted to do, why I wanted to be there. And he waved the course fee for me.

I cannot begin to describe just how much I learned, grew and took away from that course over those 3 very jet-lagged days in DC. I will be forever grateful to the man I never met but whose organisation and colleagues inspired me to work harder, focus more and understand the true meaning of community.

Rest in peace, Robert. You’ll live on in many hearts.

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