I can still remember the whirr, hiss, buzz and beep of the external modem dialing in to “The Internet” when we first had it installed at home.

I remember having limited access because it cost the same per minute as a local phone call each time you used it. I remember being patient enough (excited enough!) to wait minutes for a website to load.

Apart from showing my age, I’m also trying to point out that the very idea that I can get annoyed with my supplier when my 60Mbps broadband only returns 30Mbps for me is laughable.

This is the definition of the misguided ambition I spoke about before: as technology improves we constantly want more from it without stopping to appreciate how much improved it already is.

We need to try to stifle this smaller, faster, better mentality and realise we already have exactly what we need to do what we want. We need to stop griping about our tools and get on with the work.

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