Open it now

Posted in Contentment

A couple of weeks ago I read this piece about Instagram founder Kevin Systrom and discovered he owns a bottle of 100 year-old Jim Beam but refuses to open it until the right time.

Just to be clear, he owned it before the Facebook/Instagram merger last year. If a $1 billion business deal isn’t the right time, you’re going to be waiting a long time.

I’m not one for waiting. I spent 2.5 years waiting for a transplant with my life on pause. None of us knows what’s coming next, so that beautiful bottle of wine you’re waiting for the right moment to open, that show you’ve always wanted to see but haven’t bought tickets for, that holiday you’ve been saving for but never taken? Do it. Do it now.

Contentment is about enjoying what we have when we have it, not waiting to be happy enough to warrant spoiling ourselves. (Tweet this.)

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