It’s only for now

Posted in Contentment

I’m a huge fan of AVENUE Q, the irreverent puppet musical that puts and adult spin on Sesame Street. It’s not just the pleasure of hearing a Muppet say “fuck”, it’s also a great distillation of how our hopes and dreams for life change, adapt and evolve throughout our lives (especially straight out of school).

One of my favourite songs is the finale number “It’s Only For Now” which neatly sums up the way I try to see everything in my life.

When times are tough and things are dragging me down, when creativity seems to have deserted me and I can’t muster the energy to sit at my keyboard and hammer out new content or book chapters or script pages, I know that it will pass.

When I’m stuck in a rut I know I have to do something to get myself out of it, but I also know that as long as I do, the rut will pass.

Equally, when things are going well, when I’m happy, in full creative flow or just enjoying a great weekend away with my wife, I know that it’s not going to last forever. Far from making me as morose as that may sound, it reminds me to stay completely present and enjoy things while they last.

The key to a life of contentment is in acknowledging that everything is only for now. No matter if it’s good or bad, it will pass and when it does the next thing will be in it’s place.

Everything will be OK in the end. And if it’s not OK, it’s not the end.

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