Modelling vs. mimicking

There are two types of people in the online world: those who model and those who mimic.

Modelling is taking best practices from the best people and building something on the same structure that you make your own.

Mimics take what someone else has done and churn out the exact same thing, hoping that because they are using the same blueprint to build the same house, the same results will follow.

Knowing the difference and finding the balance is they key to modelling success.

Take this blog: it’s modelled on a lot of Seth Godin’s work: daily posts, varying lengths, a distinct lack of any direct selling.

But beyond that, it’s very individual. It’s about creativity and content marketing. It’s informed by my journey, my knowledge and my experiences. It’s talking about subjects that I know a lot about. Most importantly, it’s talking about the things I want to write about, for me.

I’m not preaching or teaching, just trying to share my thoughts in a way that I can organise for the web. I’ve modelled the blog rather than attempted to mimic something I can’t hope to replicate.

Mimics can never truly hope to be contented with what they create because there is never the originality it needs to fulfill our creative desires. Modelling is the only way to create great content with real contentment.

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