Contentment isn’t middle-of-the-road

Posted in Contentment

There’s a temptation to read Friday’s post as advocating middle-of-the-road living – that contentment is neither happiness nor sadness, neither positive nor negative in outlook.

The opposite is true.

Contentment is a relentlessly positive way to live. It’s about embracing the upsides while limiting the downsides. It’s being grateful while acknowledging that times get tough, but that life is full of swings and roundabouts.

Being contented isn’t to say I’m not happy, that I don’t want more from my life or that I’m settling into a pleasant little rut because I can meditate my way out of a negative headspace.

It’s about saying that I do want more, I do want to achieve things, I do want to learn, grow and become a better person than I am now. But I refuse to focus on a future me that there is no way of knowing I will reach when the present me is perfectly good and perfectly satisfied with the way my life is.

Learning contentment is a way of keeping the balance of life in line. It’s the yin and the yang in perfect equilibrium. And it’s a great way to live as long as you don’t let it hold you back from taking your next steps.

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