Messages drive content

I love creating stuff.

Call it art, call it content, call it whatever you will, I just love creating. There’s a freedom, a vitality, an immediacy to the act of creation that fills me with the kind of contentment and, dare I say it, happiness that I seek in every day life.

Other than when I’m spending downtime with my family, I am never more contented than when I’m creating.

But creation isn’t about just making something to put out there. There has to be something behind it.

Writing a blog because you feel you must won’t work. Shooting and cutting a video on any subject without a meaning or message behind it will create an empty work. Painting on canvas (or walls or ceramics or anywhere else you can paint) won’t have the same impact on the consumer of your art without a message behind it.

Create on purpose. Create with meaning. Create with ideals. Create with message.

And don’t be afraid to say what you mean. Or to hide it all together.

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