Why content matters

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“Content is king” you may have heard. And it’s true. But why?

1. Content is a window to your brand.1
2. Content is a way of displaying your knowledge and expertise.
3. Content is search engine optimisation for your site.((Google loves rich, engaging, regular and authoritative content. Do it well, get ranked highly.))
4. Content is social media gold.

Content matters not because we need to put something on the page of our website we’ve titled “Blog” but because it underpins everything we do online.

Great content tells people the stories we want them to hear. Great stories lead to greater affinity with our brand. Greater affinity with the brand leads to greater sales. All of which feeds into an infinite loop of content and satisfation that leads to maximising the long-term value of everyone we connect with.

  1. Brand can be used to describe your business proposition, your personal profile or just your “business” in these terms. []
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