Know who you’re talking to

Posted in Content, Creativity

Marketers know who they’re talking to. They dig deep, deep down into the psyches of their ideal customers, their target market, working out their habits, their preferences, their pet-hates and their biggest loves.

Creators don’t. We create because we want to see something out in the world, regardless of who sees it.

But we need to strike a balance.

When we create our art – the stuff that’s for us, to feed/appease our insistent muse – we can have all the freedom and isolation that we want. If no one sees it that’s our problem alone (and possibly our preference). When we create for others, however, we have to work to understand who we’re talking to.

Creating in a bubble won’t deliver the kind of impact our clients (or bosses) are looking for.

The balance lies in not cramping the style of the free-form artist, but still ensuring we communicate clearly with the people our content is aimed at.

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