An introduction

I’ve blogged for a long time over at and some of the posts that follow were originally written to be shared over there before I realised it’s no longer the right platform for what I want to achieve.

Creative Contentment is about the two things that drive me and motivate me: creativity & creating content (making art, whomever it may be for) and contentment (with life and work).

When I realised they were what I wanted to write about now, I also realised that neither of them really fit under the SmileThroughIt banner, so I chose to let go. Not always an easy thing.

Happiness vs. Contentment

Switching my focus from happiness to contentment came after reading a post by Leo Babauta. Happiness is an ever-changing intangible, not an ultimate goal. What makes us happy one day may not the next; reaching one goal can leave us unhappy until we’ve reached the next.

Contentment, on the other hand, is about more than just happiness. It’s about finding peace with our everyday. It’s about not needing more to feel good, but rather being satisfied with that which we have.

Creativity and imagination have been a part of my life for as long as I remember. Creating something – anything – just feels like a natural process, a part of who I am.

This blog will help to steer me in the right direction to stay contented – happy with my lot, satisfied with the world around me – and also explore what it means to create content in the digital world.

More and more marketing is now being driven by content. By day, I’m a social media specialist, managing the social space for one of the world’s biggest global development charities and the whole endeavour is driven by the content we create to share with our supporters.

Content can be anything: video, sales copy, blogs, podcasts, infographics, photography and just about anything else you can think of that we create for others’ consumption. Content is my art.

The lessons contained in this blog will, I hope, help you to be more contented whilst learning how to grow your business through creating compelling, enchanting content and using social media to its fullest to get it out there.

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