Be (almost) everywhere

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Pat Flynn is something of a mastermind of internet business. He runs a website called Smart Passive Income where he teaches people how to make money online – “working hard now to reap the benefits later”.

One of his strategies for personal branding (or business branding, for that matter) is “Be everywhere.” It’s a solid, easy-to-remember phrase that gets trotted out in the online marketing space now, but it needs a caveat.

“Be everywhere your audience is.”

Being on any social media platform takes an investment of time and, often, money. We all know that in business time is money.

There is little point, then, investing in producing great content for a platform that’s not going to reach out to the right people.

One of my clients was interested in podcasting, which can be a highly impactful way of reaching an audience and really connecting with them. But they also had a highly developed audience persona and it was pretty clear from studying their demographics and the data available about podcasting they’d be talking to entirely the wrong people.

Be everywhere, yes, but make sure your audience is there, too.

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