Do it well

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A few months ago Zack Braff attracted the usual “he’s already rich enough” backlash for putting a project on Kickstarter to raise money from his fans for a not-quite-direct-sequel to GARDEN STATE.

One of the perks (at just $10) was to received production updates, something that many/most filmmakers offer as a base-level perk for their projects. What makes Braff stand out (at least in the eyes of my friends who are watching) is the professionalism of the updates he’s sharing – well-shot, well-thought out, well-constructed updates letting you in on the whole process.

If you have your wits about you, this should be a no-brainer, right? For a filmmaker to produce professional-quality video updates for the people who forked out their hard-earned to support someone’s art?

The problem is, too few projects actually provide top-quality content like this. It’s often an after-thought (“Oh, how are we actually going to produce these videos?”) that means quality gets knocked, frequency drops and backers feel somewhat jilted.

No matter the medium you’re working in, make sure that if you’re offering perks on your crowdfunding campaign you know you have the ability to create great content that people will feel valued for receiving, not just churn out substandard updates as an after-thought.

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