Disconnect: nothing is THAT important

Posted in Contentment

My wife had a blood test at our local hospital the other day and noticed a sign that read:

“Please do not answer your phone while you are having blood taken.”

The nurse explained that they had to put it up because people would be having blood taken and would reach down to their pockets or bags to answer their phone and dislodge the needle.

Apart from the fact that the town I live next to is clearly full of morons, the sign also highlights our current inability to be disconnected for even the 5 minutes (or 2 minutes) it takes to draw blood.

Contentment can be found in disconnection – I’ve done it myself.

I turn my phone off early in the evening and it doesn’t come back on again until I’m about to leave for work in the morning. If anything important happens, I have a land line, but it almost never rings.

Taking the time to disconnect, to be offline and aware of the analogue world around us can be a liberating experience. Try it next time you’ve got a day off – turn off your phone and go for a walk, just you, the countryside and the fresh air.

You’ll find (and notice) far more of interest and intrigue that you’ll ever find on your phone.

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