When did you last craft content?

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I write every day. I’ve made it a habit. I wake up, sit in chair by the window and read for 20-30 minutes with a cup of tea (that’s the Englishman in me), then move over to my Grandfather’s writing desk, open up my laptop to FocusWriter and spend 30 minutes just writing, nothing else.

At work, I write blog posts, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ updates, YouTube captions, strategies, plans, outlines and policies. I spend huge chunk of my day writing.

But I realised recently that although many of us do the same things, constantly writing updates, emails and communications, how often do we really craft our content?

If you’ve ever read collections of letters by great people from history, you’ll really start to understand what crafting content means. When you have a pen and a piece of paper and only an hour to get something done, you don’t have time to write, revise, develop and hone your messsages: you have to get it right first time.

Try it: the next piece of important communication you write, whether it’s a key email, a blog post or a piece of sales copy for your website. Take a pen and a piece of paper and try to write everything perfectly first time round.

That’s the craft of great writing. Not hammering something out on a laptop and editing, revising and publishing 20 minutes later.

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