Buzz vs. Hype

Posted in Content, Creativity

A couple of weeks ago passive income king Pat Flynn spoke on his Podcast about the differences between buzz and hype and enlightened me to something.

Hype is an Americanised word meaning “swindle or extravagantly promote” and sums up the difference between the two words (and techniques) perfectly.

Whenever we create we want to build a bit of buzz around it, but always make sure we avoid hype.

Hype is prevalent across the entire digital spectrum – every industry, area or niche on the ‘net has its own hype merchants, the people who promise instant results for a “small” fee and no work from you.

Honesty, openness and a drive to succeed are the only hype you need. If you have a great project, product or piece of art, the buzz you can build around it will always outshine any hype you can artificially create for it.

And, what’s more, buzz leads to loyal, attentive, committed fans. Hype leads to angry people who didn’t get what they expected.

Which would you rather have consuming your content?

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