On social automation

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There are all kinds of ways to automate your social media now and there are all kinds of opinions on whether or not you should.

I think both sides of the argument are right.

You can’t automate opinion or conversation, but you can automate your sharing.

Think of it this way: if you spend 30 minutes a day searching for content to share with your networks to provide value to their day and help them with something, you may come across 4-5 different, really useful posts. If you add those all to your timeline at once, people may well skip over some of them, or miss them completely.

If you use an app like Buffer (or Hootsuite’s auto-schedule option), however, you can quickly schedule them throughout the day to hit at varying times. I don’t have an issue with this.

Take this week: since starting this site, I’ve blogged every day. I don’t want to break that run even though I had surgery on Monday, so the post you’re reading right now was written and scheduled Sunday night. I also used IFTTT to get my blog to tell my Buffer that is as a new post and schedule the update to go out.

If, though, you’re asking questions, guaging opinion and trying to start conversation, it’s unforgiveable to do it with an automated Tweet. Conversations and connections don’t happen through automation, they happen through real-time interaction. You wouldn’t walk up to someone at a conference, ask them a question and then wander off while they responded. Same goes for social networks.

And auto-DMs for everyone that follows you? NEVER OK.

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