This is a blog about creativity, content and contentment.

Stories are our lifeblood

I’m a storyteller and my life is never happier than when I’m creating. I want to pass that passion on. I want to help people find ways to incorporate creativity into everything they do and to live creative, contented lives.

Contentment > Happiness

It’s driven not by what we want, but an appreciation for what we have. Contentment is about gratitude and ambition; pursuit of happiness leads to always wanting more. [Read more on this here]

Content is (and will be) King

It’s the new order of the internet age: nothing is as powerful in getting your message across than compelling content, regardless of whether you’re a person, a business or a charity. I want to help people realise how important it is and how they can start creating their own compelling content to tell their own enchanting stories.

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